Managing TUPE Pitfalls in Tenders Outsourcing and when Setting up Trading Companies


Event summary

This event from CIPFA Networks will help practitioners understand the often complex and tricky situation relating to TUPE, when involved in tenders and outsourcing services. Failure by the authority to correctly apply the TUPE regulations could be very costly with joint and several liability. The event will be practically focused and will help to answer routine queries about the application of TUPE in tenders, which often creates many challenges; for example how to deal with an incumbent provider, providing TUPE information in procurement documents, whether the ‘percentage test’ applies, how to evaluate TUPE information and influencing the ‘measures letter’.


01 October 2019
Starts: 10:00
Ends: 15:30


CIPFA Mansell Street
77 Mansell Street
Greater London
E1 8AN
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About this event

With continuous financial constraints, growing demand and citizen’s rising service expectations, public services are increasingly being delivered through new and complex vehicles and under new contracts. There are however a number of important TUPE implications that will arise when setting up alternative service delivery models and also during standard tendering. Failure to comply with these issues can result in costly litigation, reputational damage and failure to deliver essential public services.

Who should attend?

The workshop has been developed to support commercial directors, policy officers, procurement practitioners, HR practitioners, solicitors, project managers, auditors and contract managers who are involved in developing new ways of working or developing tender documents.

How will you benefit from attending?

  • Understand your obligations under TUPE to ensure compliant tender responses.
  • Learn how to package your procurement documents with information relating to TUPE.
  • Understand which staff are protected by TUPE in differing real life scenarios in the context of restructuring public services.
  • Learn what will happen in the event incorrect information is supplied by the incumbent provider, and the potential impact on tender prices.

CPD hours

Four and a half hours.


  • Audit
  • / Efficiency
  • / Housing
  • / IT
  • / Pensions
  • / Revenues and benefits

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