Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

On The Agenda - Health, Safety And Wellbeing


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Organisations across the public sector need to think strategically about health, safety and wellbeing as well as considering the challenges from COVID-19.

This introductory webinar is aimed at governance professionals without health and safety expertise, who want to gain more understanding and strategic insights in this important area. It introduces use of the core principles of the CIPFA 2016 Good Governance Framework for an integrated approach to health, safety and wellbeing.

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08 September 2020
Starts: 10:00
Ends: 11:15

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About this event

In managing the impact of COVID-19, good governance in health, safety and wellbeing needs to be the new normal and should be an area for assurance. This webinar will introduce how strategic health and safety management can be considered using the principles of the CIPFA 2016 Good Governance Framework. It will also reflect on some COVID-19 learning points for good governance in health, safety and wellbeing, and consider the implications for the new normal. An in-depth webinar on this topic is also available in October.

Who should attend?

This webinar will be helpful to non-health and safety professionals who:
  • oversee the health and safety function, or
  • work in governance, risk management, audit and assurance, including internal auditors seeking to provide assurance over this area
  • have a leadership role with a particular responsibility for health and safety

How will I benefit from attending?

The strategic awareness that the course provides will help delegates:
  • Where relevant, oversee the health and safety function with more confidence and insight
  • Gain additional benefit from the CIPFA 2016 Framework by understanding how it can also be used strategically for health, safety and wellbeing
  • Undertake audits of health and safety more confidently, including associated reviews for the Annual Governance Statement
  • Assist their leadership team form a wider, integrated perspective on governance
  • Engage in strategic discussions with health and safety colleagues

CPD Hours

One hour.


  • Audit
  • / Governance
  • / Internal audit
  • / Leadership
  • / Risk management

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