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Practical Understanding of Asset Management


Event summary

Get the essential elements of property asset management with this 30 minute elearning module.

Effective asset management of land and buildings is essential for public sector organisations. It involves a juggling act between different priorities which often change on a regular basis.

These include the drive to secure value for money, the effective delivery of services, and providing support for organisations' wider objectives.

Buildings are an emotive subject; everyone will have a different view, and the asset manager’s role is to balance of all of these issues in a strategy moving forward.

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About this course

Asset management is not just a job for ‘property people’. Managers from around the organisation will have a view on the effectiveness of the buildings they work in, the condition they are in, and what maintenance is required. This 30 minute e-learning module is for all involved in property, budgets and resourcing.

The module  is aimed at anyone in the public sector who needs to learn about the essential elements of property asset management. That's not just asset managers but also finance professionals, policy developers, elected members, head teachers, service managers – the list goes on. All will benefit and gain an understanding of how they need to be involved and can influence their organisation’s asset management approach. 

Target audience

This course is for anyone in the public sector who wants to learn about the essential elements of property asset management. It is also suitable for anyone who simply wants a refresher in this area.

What you will learn

  • Have an understanding of property asset management in the public sector and the benefits that it can achieve.
  • Be able to list the three key documents required to develop an asset management framework.
  • Identify key personnel within your organisation who need to be involved in asset management.
  • Develop an asset management approach using the eight key asset management characteristics.


This course is completed online and takes approximately 30 minutes.