Premises Compliance Audits – Birmingham

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Event summary

This event will explore how a compliance audit can identify and prioritise weaknesses in your approach. We will do this by taking you through the CIPFA Property approach to carrying out a compliance audit that you can then take away and easily adopt or adapt yourself.

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07 December 2017
Starts: 10:00
Ends: 16:00


IBIS Styles NEC/Airport Birmingham
Bickenhill Lane
B40 1PJ
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About this event

With ever-decreasing budgets and reducing staff numbers it is becoming increasingly difficult for local authorities to comply with their statutory building compliance responsibilities. Add to this the diversity and complexity of a typical local authority property portfolio and the ever-increasing range of health and safety responsibilities, throw in the shared service agenda, and if the correct arrangements aren’t in place, then you have a recipe for disaster.

  • Have you confidence in your process and procedures?
  • Is your approach consistent throughout the organisation, or is it fragmented?
  • Is there appropriate leadership in place?
  • Are the governance arrangements robust enough?
  • Where does your role stop and the role of the building occupier start?
  • Where does corporate health and safety fit into it all?
  • Where does the role of your contractors/term contracts fit?
  • What would you find if you put your process to the test by carrying out spot checks at any of your buildings?

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions, then this is the event for you.

Our compliance audit framework is made up of three investigation elements:

  • documentation
  • interviews, and
  • premises visits.

By using this approach you will be able to test the robustness of every aspect of premises compliance, from the organisational leadership given to premises compliance, through to the appropriateness of strategic policies and procedures, and right down to the on-the-ground application of those policies and procedures by operational staff.

Through this suggested approach you will also be able to test governance, accountabilities, budgets, training, operational premises management as well as compliance with all the specific various premises legislation and codes of practice.

Who should attend

This event will benefit heads of property, asset managers, corporate property officers, estates managers, facilities managers and anyone with responsibility for, or an oversight of, compliance issues within public sector property.

Learning objectives

This event will:

  • challenge you to consider the robustness of the approaches to compliance in your own authority
  • help you to recognise the principle risks associated with public property management and occupation, and how these can best be mitigated
  • provide you with a framework to carry out a compliance audit that you can easily take away and apply within your organisation
  • update you on the key legislative and statutory requirements affecting local authority premises compliance.


  • Asset management
  • / Governance
  • / Performance improvement and policy
  • / Police
  • / Professional development
  • / Property
  • / Value for money

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