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North West CIPFA Student Network invites students from across the region to attend the Community Day. This informal event provides an environment where students can revise, work on the PEP, share study tips, engage with the NW CSN executive and get to know other students.


17 February 2018
Starts: 10:30
Ends: 16:00


North West
Churchgate House
56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU
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About this event

Exams approaching? PEP has been gathering dust or you are keen to get started and finish in no time? Feel like you are the only CIPFA students in the region and have no one to talk to? It's OK, we understand!

The NW CSN has created a North West Community day which is a great opportunity to spend a day revising, completing PEP and preparing for exams, and even socialise with you fellow CIPFA buddies. This event will be hosted by the NW CSN but there is no formal programme as students are encouraged to plan their own time.

Who should attend?

Community Day is open to CIPFA students and members. Interested parties from other CCAB groups are welcome to attend.

Plan for the day

10.30-13.00 Open choice CIPFA progress. Students are welcome to use this time as they wish- intense revision, group discussions, share exam tips. Make the most of the time and space!

13.00-13.45 NW CSN Feedback lunch. Let's talk about all things CIPFA North West!

13.45-16.00 Open choice CIPFA progress

16.00 Peer Networking and Social event. After all that hard work, it's time to relax and have some fun! Join the NW CSN as we will be heading out in the city.

If you have any questions, please email NW CSN via E:, find us on Facebook North West CIPFA Student Network, follow us on Twitter @nw:csn and we are also on Instagram nw:csn.


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