Finance for Counter Fraud Specialists

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How to book

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About the programme

If you are a counter fraud specialist, this innovative one-day training course offers an overview of how public sector finance works, to enhance your ability to detect and investigate complex and high value frauds.

It covers the terminology and principles of accountancy and governance; the source of funding for public services; the cycle of budgeting, monitoring and controls; the main financial risks and internal controls to prevent/detect fraud; and the practical implementation of financial controls.

By undertaking this course you will gain:

  • a clearer understanding of finance terminology and the public sector financial management principles
  • a better understanding of budgeting, monitoring and control
  • an overview of the governance arrangements, internal financial controls and how assurance is provided in public bodies
  • a better understanding of fraud risks and how these are countered through robust finance management and control.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for those involved in counter fraud who require an overview of the financial management and internal financial controls in place to prevent and detect fraud or misappropriation of public money.

It will also appeal to internal auditors and managers who may be required to contribute to, or supervise, a fraud investigation.

Format and duration

The course includes facilitated group discussions and exercises using case studies and examples.

The day normally begins at 09:30 and ends at 16:00 with breaks for lunch and refreshments. This can be adjusted, depending on your needs.

Extend your learning

If you are interested in developing your counter fraud knowledge further, have a look at our Certificate in Fraud Risk Management, Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist and Accredited Counter Fraud Technician qualifications. 

Course content

Below is the typical course outline, which can be tailored to meet your and your team’s needs.

Session One – Introduction

  • Finance terminology - jargon buster: An examination and explanation of the core finance terms used by finance staff and accountants.
  • What are the rules? A brief overview of the legislative and rule based environment for public bodies.
  • Where does the money come from? A simplified and informative explanation of the source of the public sector funds which form the basis for stewardship budgetary control in public sector bodies.

Session Two – Governance, Internal Control and Assurance

  • The importance of governance, stewardship and assurance in public bodies.
  • The internal controls that facilitate good financial management and fraud prevention/detection.
  • Assurance frameworks through the ‘three lines of defence’ and the role of internal audit.

Session Three – Fraud Risks

  • Roles and responsibilities in ensuring robust operation of financial controls.
  • Common fraud risks in finance systems covering areas such as procurement, grants, benefits, internal collusion and supplier/contract management.

Session Four – Applying the Theory in Practice

  • Consideration of a small series of case studies to demonstrate practical application and understanding of how more complex and high value frauds have been carried out.
  • Extracting financial information and case studies on what potential acquisitive crime offences are at risk of occurring or have in fact occurred.

CPD hours

This course carries seven CPD hours.

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