The Price is Right - Are you using the Correct Price Scoring Methodology in Tenders


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This new workshop from CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network will take a detailed look at the mechanics of using the traditional approaches to evaluating and scoring price in tenders.


24 September 2019
Starts: 10:00
Ends: 15:30


TBA Edinburgh

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About this event

Many contracting authorities use price scoring formulas, however these can often result in unpredictable, erroneous and arbitrary results, especially when it triggers a ‘race to the bottom’ to try and win the tender. Instead of actually getting value for money and making financial savings, the impact can be the opposite and result in poorly-performing contracts, disputes and claims from the contractor to increase the price which eventually leads to contract failure. Attend this workshop, to review your current use of pricing formulas, reassess your tendering strategy and develop a system which will deliver more predictable, non-discriminatory and transparent outcomes.

Who should attend?

The workshop will support procurement, commissioners, finance, solicitors, project managers, auditors and contract managers who are responsible for putting together tender documents or evaluating responses.

How will you benefit?

Attendees will learn about:

  • price scoring formulas which are transparent and meet the Treaty principles
  • the importance of market awareness to understand cost assumptions and acceptable parameters of responses from bidders
  • better and more informed use of pricing formulas to make the evaluation process streamlined and efficient
  • pinpointing bidders 'buying' the contract, or protecting the CA from 'rogue' bidders, and those involved in 'strategic bidding'
  • creating a level playing field to ensure tenderers are not at the mercy of other submitted bids as a reference point
  • the pros and cons of different price scoring models to develop your future tendering strategy.

CPD hours

Four and a half.


  • Accounting
  • / Audit
  • / Capital finance
  • / Financial management
  • / Financial reporting
  • / Internal audit
  • / Performance improvement and policy
  • / Revenues and benefits

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