Understanding and Using the FAN Collection Fund Accounting Models


Event summary

FAN produces the collection fund accounting spreadsheet models for its subscribers (and non-subscribers who wish to purchase) to assist practitioners with the complexities of accounting for council tax and business rates. The models do not constitute official guidance but are intended to support practitioners in their understanding and application of the collection fund and subsequent general fund accounting requirements.


15 March 2018
Starts: 10:00
Ends: 16:00


CIPFA Mansell Street
77 Mansell Street
E1 8AN
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About this event

The event will guide you through completing the models and understanding the mechanics of how they work and what they produce so as to maximise their benefit, not only as a closedown tool (bearing in mind quicker closedown) but also in financial planning. 

During these events we aim to do just that, using worked examples to walk step-by-step through both the council tax and NDR models, led by Caroline White, who developed them.

The models will be updated to incorporate the 100% BRR pilots for 2017/18 and the last session of the day will cover their specific requirements and the additional functionality of the models for these.

Alongside these events we are running workshops on completing and accounting for NNDR 3 2017/18. To gain maximum benefit from the model events, practitioners may wish to consider attending the NNDR 3 events first, especially if they are new to the area of collection fund accounting.  

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at practitioners who are new to using the collection fund models for 2017/18 or who require a refresher, to assist in the production of their collection fund and general fund accounting.

How you will benefit

The event will:

  • provide a thorough understanding of how the models work and the best route to their completion
  • go through a worked example of the model, step by step
  • outline the necessary skills to quality assure collection fund and related general fund entries
  • help delegates to understand how the models can be utilised by authorities who are pool leads
  • help delegates to understand the new functionality of the models for the 100% BRR pilots
  • provide the opportunity for delegates to share and discuss the issues and lessons learned from completing the models in previous years.


  • Accounting
  • / Business rates
  • / Financial reporting
  • / Local government
  • / Revenues and benefits

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Speaker - Adrian Blaylock - Lead Revenues Advisor, CIPFA

Adrian Blaylock

Adrian has more than 23 years' experience in the revenues area of local government. During this time he covered all aspects of revenues, including customer service, training and development, recovery, court officer, benchmarking, statistics, and the completion of all returns as well as performance monitoring. His role for the last 12 years has been Principal Revenues Officer, contributing to the management of the Revenues Team, mainly focusing on non-domestic rates. He developed the forecasting methodologies for loss on appeals and analysis of VOA data for the Doncaster MBC.

He has been an active CBRS participant for many years as well as a contributor to CIPFA’s online forum, TISonline. He was invited to and sat on the consultation group with the VOA for the development of the information sharing protocol. He is a member of the IRRV and has previously sat on the executive committee of the Yorkshire and district association. E: adrian.blaylock@cipfa.org, T: 07718 242833.

Speaker - Caroline White, Finance Advisor, Finance Advisory Network (FAN)

Caroline White

Caroline has been a Finance Advisory Network advisor at CIPFA since early 2013, supporting practitioners in all aspects of local government accounting and particularly in the technical area of collection fund accounting. E: caroline.white@cipfa.org, T: 01964 533097.