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Public Library Statistics 2019/20 Estimates And 2018/19 Actuals Excel


This publication includes a detailed analysis of public library: revenue, expenditure and income; staffing levels; service points open to the public (including the number of people with access to online information); book stock and audio visual and electronic stock; annual issues; and inter-library loans, requests, enquiries and visits. It also includes details of agency services.
These statistics cover the library service in the UK.
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Leadership Matters


All organisations need good leadership. But what does this look like for a local authority operating in a complex regulatory environment and for which leadership is shared between members and officers? Leadership Matters provides practical guidance to help local authorities assess and develop their leadership teams.

Archive Services Statistics 2018/19 Actuals


This publication provides a detailed analysis of local authority archive services, including:

  • staff resources
  • access points
  • holdings and storage capacity
  • availability of resources to the public, and
  • use of resources and financial statistics.

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Highways And Transportation Statistics 2018/19 Actuals


This publication provides details of authorities’ estimated revenue and capital expenditure, including information on the cost of routine maintenance, street lighting, winter service, road safety, public transport (including revenue support and concessionary fares), coordination costs of transport support, park and ride schemes and car parking.
Supplementary information includes details of gross income from car parking charges, the number of car parking spaces and the number of penalty/excess charge tickets issued. Information on road lengths is also included with a detailed analysis of road maintenance expenditure per kilometre.
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Revenue Collection Statistics 2018/19 Actuals


This publication contains a detailed analysis of authorities’ council tax and national non-domestic rates operations.
It includes analyses of the amounts collectable, current and previous years’ arrears, court costs, the number of accounts raised and the methods of collection, the numbers of council tax benefit recipients, exemptions and discounts, the number, type and rateable value of non-domestic hereditaments, enforcement action taken, and information on the type of arrangements for service provision.
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