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Save time and money: a single, upfront payment covers your organisation’s digital publication needs for the next financial year

One-stop access to authoritative guidance: CIPFA are the experts in public finance and accountancy and the standard setters for local government accounting

Convenience and flexibility: fully interactive, searchable and bookmarked online titles for the information you need - quickly and easily

Optimised for desktops, laptops and tablets and a ‘print page’ option too, for those who want to print out their own hard copy of the pages*. Titles are also available as PDFs.

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Subscribe to the service and you and all your colleagues in your organisation will access CIPFA's publications via ‘My CIPFA’ from our website in HTML and PDF formats from 1 April.

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There are three subscription levels for an online CIPFA Publications subscription:

Lower tier

  • District Councils
  • Fire and Rescue authorities
  • Police forces
  • Charities/third sector
  • Schools
  • Health
  • Central government
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Upper tier

  • English, Scottish and Welsh Unitary authorities
  • County Councils
  • Metropolitan Districts
  • London Boroughs
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  • Private sector organisations
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