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If you’re after a succinct overview or perhaps an in-depth exploration of a particular topic, our one or two-day courses can give you the insights you need. They are designed to bring you right up to date and can lead onto a related accredited programme, if you’re interested in further learning.

All of our short courses carry CPD hours and if you don’t see the topic you’re interested in, we can work with you to develop content tailored to your needs.

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Commercial Business Skills

This course explores how to take a more business-like and commercial approach to delivering public services. It covers the importance of knowing precisely what stakeholders value and how organisations can be designed to work to deliver that value. It makes use of a business model framework and will be useful for managers and their professional advisers in policy, finance, procurement and HR.

An Overview of Open Book Accounting

Open book accounting offers a transparent and fair way of procuring and delivering services in the public sector. This one-day course gives managers, procurement and financial professionals a good grounding in the basic principles and concepts of open book accounting as well as practical tips on its application in managing the operation of contracts.

Effective Contract Management

Good contract management is essential to managing organisational and personal risk and offers significant improvements and/or savings. This practical course is designed for those who manage service and supply contracts and covers the basic knowledge and tools needed to manage contracts; deal with problems in delivery or relationships; and improve value for money.

An Overview of Finance Business Partnering

This course introduces finance business partnering and sets out the practical steps involved in becoming trusted adviser and influencing strategic decisions and direction of the organisation. It will be particularly useful for those wanting to understand the concepts ahead of adopting the approach and for those who have implemented business partnering and wish to sense-check their approach.

An Overview of Better Business Cases

This course seeks to demystify business cases to help organisations and individuals improve the way they use them. It is based on the Treasury 'Five Case/Better Business Case Model' and is aimed at a range of job roles, from senior managers and decision-makers who are accountable for business case decisions to the professionals in policy, procurement, finance and programme/ project managers who develop business cases. It offers an overview of the real purpose of business cases; how to match the process to the nature, size and risks of the decisions being made; and the key elements that should be included in the process.

Costing Techniques for Finance Staff

This course is designed for finance professionals wanting to understand the technical / accounting aspects required as part of the options appraisal process when preparing business cases. It explains the Treasury 'Five Case/Better Business Case Model' and covers how to truly understand and calculate costs affecting the organisation and how to employ costing techniques as part of the decision making processes. Topics covered include: classification of costs, cost drivers, apportionment, absorption and the considerations of economic versus financial appraisal.

An Overview of Alternative Service Delivery Models

Public services do not have to be delivered in traditional ways. In fact, there are a wide range of delivery models, each with their own advantages and disadvantages which can be used to achieve public purposes. This course for managers, decision-makers and their professional advisers offers an introduction to and practical understanding of the alternative service delivery models available and how to choose between them. It covers: the drivers for change, legal frameworks, how to establish the models and the associated accounting and management issues.

Finance for Counter Fraud Specialists

This innovative course offers counter fraud specialists an overview of how public sector finance works, to enhance their ability to detect and investigate complex and high value frauds. It covers: the terminology and principles of accountancy, the cycle of budgeting, monitoring and controls, how money flows through and is accounted for in a finance system, how management accounting works and the common fraud risk areas encountered in finance systems. It will also appeal to internal auditors and managers who may be required to contribute to or supervise a fraud investigation.

An Overview of Fraud Investigation

This course provides expert insight into how to approach and manage an allegation of fraud within the workplace. It covers: the common criminal offences that constitute fraud and other types of acquisitive crime; the legal and procedural framework that regulates a fraud investigation; how to manage evidence in an appropriate manner and investigative interviewing methodologies. It is suitable for managers across the organisation who may require insight into how fraud investigations are undertaken as part of their job roles.

Anti-money Laundering in Local Government

This one-day training course examines the role and responsibilities of the money laundering reporting officer (MLROs). It looks at the nature and scale of the money laundering threat to local authorities and what your response should be. If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, you can use any of your pre-paid places at this event.

Investigative Interviewing – Tackling the Active Defence

In suspect interviews, opposing legal representatives typically seek to undermine the case against their clients by employing the 'active defence' approach. If you're an experienced counter fraud and investigation practitioner, this one day training course will equip you with the knowledge, confidence and control to effectively manage these tactics. If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, you can use any of your pre-paid places at this event.

What our delegates say

"An excellent course that was delivered perfectly by the instructor. She was able to tailor the course to the needs of the group which was incredibly helpful."
Sharon Lewis, Ministry of Defence

"An excellent course with a first class leader."
John Rigby, National Savings and Investments

"CIPFA’s flexible in-house training programme gave us the ability to offer relevant, cost effective and high quality CPD training across our service. The content and delivery was excellent, we would recommend CIPFA to our public sector colleagues."
Sarah Rapson, Cornwall County Council

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