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CIPFA Networks help enable organisations to drive performance and deliver public services within budgetary constraints and in a rapidly changing public sector landscape.

CIPFA Networks are member-based networks supporting public sector professionals and are focused on key topic areas. Each network, led by an experienced technical expert, offers exclusive events and online resources.

Subscribing to a network ensures you and your colleagues stay up to date with the latest legislative developments and technical issues in the public sector – it allows you to measure how they will impact upon both your job role and your wider organisation.

New for 2017: Looking for wider support beyond one Network? Need support across your organisation? Take out a CIPFA Network corporate subscription today.

Current CIPFA networks

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  • Save time by sharing best practice with colleagues across the UK.
  • Avoid expensive costly mistakes by learning from others.
  • Keep up to date with legislative impacts on your role and your organisation.
  • Discover innovative ways to mitigate austerity measures.
  • Learn how to generate revenue to support key service delivery.
  • Understand how technology can help with the heavy lifting of service delivery.
  • Share how to deliver more with less.

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