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Download Easing the Pressure: The Incentive for Early Accounts Closedown (PDF, 468 KB)
Written in association with EY


Download Investing in Council Housing (PDF, 727 KB)
Written by John Perry and Glenn Smith (CIH) and Joanne Pitt (CIPFA)

More medicine

Download More Medicine Needed: The Health of Health Finances Revisited (PDF, 675 KB)
Written by Paul Carey-Kent

Balancing local authority budgets

Download Balancing Local Authority Budgets (PDF, 397 KB)
Written by Sean Nolan and Joanne Pitt

What the finance leader needs to know Download Skilled Up: What the Finance Leader Needs to Know (PDF, 525 KB)

Developing ideas from the Devolution Summit

Download Alternative Service Delivery Models (PDF, 1,030 KB)

Transforming organisations in local government by Lisa Forster

Download Let's Get Together (PDF, 849 KB)

Integrating health and social care written by Paul Carey-Kent

Building Partnerships

Download Building Partnerships (PDF, 450 KB)

Insights from the Devolution Summit 2015

From Desire to Delivery essays

Download Practical Issues in the Governance of Clinical Commissioning Groups (PDF, 472 KB)

Written by Paul Carey-Kent

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