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The levy, apprenticeships and the public sector


This CIPFA Insight looks at the way the public sector could be affected as the Apprenticeship Levy goes ahead and includes concerns and opportunities voiced by focus groups of public sector leaders held by CIPFA in late 2016.








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The arrival of the apprenticeship levy has been heralded with a mixture of eager anticipation, dread and a lot of discussion. It is likely to be a while before we see the levy running smoothly and guidance will inevitably need to be regularly updated as the system becomes embedded. 

The introduction of the apprenticeships levy sees both opportunities and risks for the public sector and only time will tell how successful the system proves to be. There will be winners and losers and the targets to be achieved may prove a challenge, but the levy certainly can’t be overlooked. Employers need to be aware of the options and ways to use the levy to develop a flexible and skilled workforce. CIPFA sees the levy as a further opportunity for widening access to the finance profession and providing a much needed platform to improve productivity in the economy. 

This Insight provides background and introduction to what apprenticeships mean for the public sector.