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CIPFA's apprenticeship programmes

Apprenticeships are a highly cost-effective and rewarding way for organisations to develop the public finance and counter fraud professionals of the future. Setting a course for public sector excellence, CIPFA is an approved and established apprenticeship training provider. We deliver apprenticeships in accountancy and counter fraud to over 200 employers.

Why CIPFA apprenticeships?

The public sector is facing enormous challenges, from COVID-19 to technological advances and innovations that are transforming work processes and practice. Organisations can begin to address these obstacles by building up their existing capabilities – with levy-funded apprenticeships the most cost-effective solution.

CIPFA is the only accountancy body in the world exclusively focused on the public sector and our internationally-recognised qualifications and training are standard-setting and industry-defining. Our apprenticeship programmes encompass accountancy and counter fraud investigation and offer full support to both apprentices and employers.

What apprenticeships do we offer?

What are the benefits?

For individuals, apprenticeships are a great opportunity to gain invaluable on-the-job work experience and confidence in a working environment, all whilst earning a salary and undertaking a professional qualification. 

For employers, offering apprenticeships helps to develop a highly motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. You will need to:

  • ensure your apprentices are given sufficient time to learn during working hours to achieve their qualification
  • take an active part in supporting the development of your apprentices' work-based skills and behaviours
  • engage in regular, CIPFA-hosted review meetings with your apprentice(s) to ensure they are fully prepared to successfully complete their programme

The apprenticeship levy

Employers in England can use their apprenticeship levy accounts to fund the training costs of new and existing employees. CIPFA is uniquely placed to support employers and students to maximise the opportunities of the levy – both in our capacity as a professional qualifying body, and as a registered training provider, through CIPFA's Education and Training Centre (CETC).

Employers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

CIPFA's apprenticeship programmes are levy-funded only in England. For students and employers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, or those employers who choose not to use their levy fund, all of our apprenticeships can be undertaken as an employer-funded or self-funded qualifications. Contact us to learn more:

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