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Training needs analysis service

Commission our training needs analysis service to determine the most appropriate and applicable learning and development options for your team. We can quickly recommend the best options to meet your needs, even designing a bespoke course to be delivered at your premises.

Often individuals identify courses that they think they need or someone organises in-house training that keeps CPD up to date but does not really address the critical skills gaps. The challenge to organisations is to identify where those skills gaps exist, what training is required and how to ensure that the training undertaken actually meets objectives – and also provides the individual and organisation with a return on investment.

CIPFA training needs analysis

Following discussions with you, CIPFA will provide you with a short report on potential training and skills gaps. We will also provide a draft electronic survey that could be sent confidentially to service managers across your organisation that will encourage them to rate their competency across a range of themes and topics. This, in turn, would clarify skills gaps and help identify where training interventions should be focused for best return on investment.

Contact T: 020 7543 5600 or E: for more information.

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Case study: Warwickshire County Council

As part of a major cross-council transformation programme, Warwickshire County Council (WCC) wanted to ensure that more responsibility could be placed on delivery managers to control budgets and make financial decisions. WCC engaged CIPFA to develop a bespoke 'money management' training course for managers right across the organisation. Download the case study to read how this has helped the council to achieve its goals.

How can the CIPFA training needs analysis service help your organisation?

CIPFA’s training needs analysis (TNA) service helps organisations identify skills gaps and approach training in a holistic and more importantly, cost-effective way. With a pedigree and unbeatable level of experience gained over 125 years of engagement with the public sector, our experts will quickly identify the skills gaps you will need to fill and recommend appropriate training solutions. Whether it is gaps in finance, governance, fraud, procurement, contract management, business partnering or other commercial skills, we can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done.

A CIPFA training needs analysis will:

  • help you identify skills gaps
  • offer a tailored learning and development solution that will benefit your whole organisation
  • support your assumptions on what training is required.

How does it work?

A training needs analysis is produced on the basis of a competency framework designed by CIPFA, based upon years of experience of providing training across a range of themes to a large cross-section of public bodies. CIPFA will:

  1. develop a competency framework across a number of disciplines to identify those competencies that the organisation views as critical
  2. carry out focus group meetings with a cross-section of staff to confirm the key skills development areas in the competency framework
  3. develop a draft electronic survey that can be disseminated to staff to identify skills gaps within the required competency framework (to confirm the issues raised in the focus groups).

Please note that the training needs analysis service includes the draft survey as a report to you, the client, which will identify where the immediate needs are. It does not include the implementation of the survey nor feeding back to the client through the training needs analysis report.

Email our in-house training team or call us at T: 020 7543 5600 to discuss how a training needs analysis works and how CIPFA can help you identify your training needs.

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