CIPFA networks enable organisations to drive performance and deliver public services within budgetary constraints in a rapidly-changing sector

Our member-based networks support public sector professionals and are focused on key topic areas. Each are led by an experienced technical expert and offer exclusive events and online resources.

Subscribing to a CIPFA professional network ensures you and your colleagues stay up-to-date with the latest legislative developments and technical issues in the public sector, and measure how they will impact upon both your job role and your wider organisation.

Benefits of CIPFA networks

  • learn about and share best practice with colleagues across the UK
  • receive regular e-alerts on upcoming legislative impacts direct from an expert advisor
  • gain access to subscriber-only events and guest speakers
  • regular surgeries and access to technical advisers
  • discover innovative ways to mitigate austerity measures
  • share knowledge on how to deliver more with less

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