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Achieving Financial Excellence in Policing (AFEP)

The Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing (AFEP) programme has been designed in partnership with CIPFA and driven from within the Finance and Coordinating Committee of NPCC, is supported by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and the Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers’ Society (PACCTS). 

The AFEP programme supports achieving and sustaining finance excellence in policing; building on national capacity and providing local support where the progress towards embedding the vision is measurable and tangible. CIPFA is committed to working with police industry professionals to develop and collaborate on key themes and streams to maximise the benefits of achieving exemplary financial health throughout the sector. Together we will share and explore the needs, wants and aspirations of today's modern forces.

The AFEP programme is for sector individuals with responsibility for any aspect of financial management service delivery, policy decision making, service development and best practice delivery. 

Reinvesting back into the sector

As a thank you for the continued commitment and support from our AFEP programme member organisations, CIPFA has identified three areas where we can offer services beyond the initial scope of the AFEP programme. In line with our organisation’s purpose to ‘build trust by strengthening public financial management’ and contribute towards the AFEP vision of ‘building on national capacity and providing local support, to achieve financial excellence’, we will 100% fund scholarship places for AFEP member organisations to apply for.

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about our free PQ Scholarship, free 'Guidance for governance of collaboration' paper available from Autumn and Asset Management health checks.

West Midlands AFEP Programme testimonial

Neil Chamberlain, Director of Commercial Services at West Midlands Police, talks about his connection with CIPFA, focusing on how the AFEP programme has provided a range of professional support. Read the testimonial here. 

View the full AFEP programme video below.

The Association Excellence Awards 2019

We are delighted to confirm that CIPFA's successful AFEP programme won the Silver Award for the Best Learning & Professional Development category at the Association Excellence Awards. #AEA19  

Association Excellence Award image Best Learning and Professional Development programme category

Gain financial management resilience with the 2019 FM Code, available now

Budget cuts have done much to force public finance organisations to transform services, shape delivery and streamline costs. For approaches to be successful it is crucial to have good financial management embedded across your force, because responsibility for resilience is not just within your finance team.

CIPFA's Financial Management Code (FM code) – published in October 2019 will help the police sector provide sound financial administration and implement clear standards for financial management and resilience across forces. The publication is available as part of a comprehensive package of support – including webinars, in-house workshops and a conference to help you get the most from Code. View FM Code and support information or to go straight to purchase FM Code.

FM Code cover

CFO Leadership Academy and Retreat

This will enable a national network of leaders to come together and develop personal influencing skills. It will offer an opportunity for a national, strategic debate on the challenges facing police finance. Learn more and book your place here

Training and Apprenticeships

A dedicated apprenticeship programme will be provided to take Force finance staff through the full CIPFA Professional Qualification.

Financial Management Capability Review

The Financial Management Capability Review at a force level, measures the 'as is' position and provides a roadmap to support a force in implementing the vision for police finance. At a national level, the diagnostic will provide insight and identification of themes across national police finance. The diagnostic will be repeated at the end of the programme to measure progress made – at a force and national level – to achieving the vision, and to inform decisions on “what next” for police finance.

Police and Fire Network

The Network will enable the sharing of best practice via a discussion forum on ‘hot topics’ and promoting the Police and Fire Network and other police related events. It will also include documentation, technical and policy updates, thought pieces and online access to the benchmarking data tool.

Future Leaders Academy

The Future Leaders Academy (FLA) will support the next-generation of leaders in finance, moving from junior management into more senior positions. The FLA provides structured support on essential skills including: reflective leadership; governance and risk; project management and business case development.

Data Analytics

The programme will provide dedicated police stats and benchmarking, to drive better financial management and decision making across forces. It will help improve current comparative data and develop broader analytical and diagnostic capacity to help the forces deliver and demonstrate value for money.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about the AFEP programme or would like to get involved, please note the following contact information:

T: +44 (0)7824 839567 


Download programme brochure PDF | Download programme timetable PDF

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