Procurement and Contract Management

For the public sector, expert procurement is crucial to resilience in financial management and the effective delivery of public services. Against the backdrop of the National Procurement Policy Statement, and with public finances strained due to COVID-19, public bodies need to ensure their procurement is as robust as possible. This is possible through:

  • filling skills gaps in public sector procurement
  • addressing supply chain issues
  • ensuring good governance and assurance
  • keeping up to date with continuous policy and regulatory changes
  • assessing the performance of your contracts

Getting the best out of your procurement

Roundtable report

In May 2022, in collaboration with Zurich Municipal, we held a roundtable with public sector organisations to discuss issues they faced in their procurement journey. The four areas covered during the session were:

  • The skills and capacity needed to understand and apply the procurement rules
  • The importance of strategic procurement, having a holistic view of the impact of a product or service, and the risks of getting it wrong
  • Governance and controls required within organisations to ensure good practice
  • Assuring contracts and making sure they perform as they should.

Download the report, Getting the best out of your procurement

How CIPFA can help

CIPFA is committed to helping public sector organisations reduce the costs and risks associated with procurement so you and your organisation can procure with confidence.

Filling the skills gap

Our lifelong learning opportunities, such as the Diploma in Contract Management and and Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management, provide that expertise.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest standards and regulations

CIPFA's procurement network is an events-based service offering the latest procurement insights and developments.

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Procuring property and infrastructure solutions

Whether building homes, hospitals, schools or roads, CIPFA's property networks will keep you up-to-date with the latest thinking, helping you with your procurement journey from project start, partner selection to handover and post-project evaluation.

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End-to-end support

Our experts offer expert and robust support for systems, outsourcing and service procurement.

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Contact us

For further information on how CIPFA can help your organisation tackle its procurement challenges, please get in touch.

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