CIPFA's Professional Qualification (CIPFA PQ)

CIPFA’s Professional Qualification (PQ) has always offered the best foundation for developing the next generation of public finance professionals and leaders. In March 2022 CIPFA introduced a refreshed syllabus, the Professional Accountancy Qualification (PAQ), also known as CIPFA Futures.

Key dates

As the PQ syllabus is being retired, you will need to make sure that you register for all of the final PQ module terms and exams. If you do not register in time or are unsuccessful in a final module exam, you will be fully supported in transitioning to the updated PAQ syllabus. The PQ modules you have completed will be taken into account.

We will be communicating with you every step of the way, to ensure that you are aware of the key dates and are able to register in time.

Module name

Final exam

Taxation syllabus

March 2024 

Public Service Financial Reporting syllabus

March 2024

Strategic Public Finance syllabus

March 2024

Strategic Case Study syllabus

September 2024


Mapping the PQ and PAQ modules

In many cases, the updated PAQ modules map directly onto the current PQ syllabus. Where a new module has been mapped this indicates that the new module covers at least 80% of the legacy module's content. The below table also illustrates how you would transition across to the PAQ syllabus if you didn't register in time for a final module term or exam, or were unsuccessful in a final module exam.

Current PQ module

New PAQ module

Management Accounting

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance

Financial Management

Business Planning and Financial Management

Company Financial Reporting

Business Reporting


Governance and Risk Management

Strategy and Policy Development

Developing Strategy and Data Analysis



Tax and Law (UK)


Corporate Governance and Law*

Strategic Public Finance

Strategic Public Financial Management

Advanced Public Audit

Advanced Audit

Business and Change Management

Implementing Business Change

Public Service Financial Reporting

Public Sector Financial Reporting (UK)

Strategic Case Study**

Strategic Case Study

*If you do not hold a pass/exemption in BOTH Corporate Governance and Law and Taxation after the final exam sitting which is March 2024, then you will have to sit Tax & Law (UK) under the PAQ qualification route. Please contact

**If you have previously attempted or have booked and deferred the Strategic Case Study and not passed this paper after the final exam sitting - September 2024, by way of a concession, you will be permitted two further attempts in December 2024 and March 2025. After this date, you will have to sit and pass Governance & Risk Management before sitting the Strategic Case Study exam.

Remember to submit your portfolio

To make sure you get the recognition you deserve, you must submit your portfolio after your final exams. This is a log of the practical workplace experience and evidenced skills recorded over the duration of your studies. Once you have submitted your portfolio, you will be awarded full membership to CIPFA and your Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CPFA) designation.

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