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CIPFA Portfolio

The CIPFA Portfolio is an online record of attainment set to replace the paper-based Practical Experience Portfolio (PEP). Students use the Portfolio to document the knowledge and skills they have gained through work experience. The online CIPFA Portfolio is not currently available for IPFM students.

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Differences between the Practical Experience Portfolio (PEP) and the CIPFA Portfolio

Practical Experience Portfolio (PEP)
(IPFM students)
CIPFA Portfolio
(PQ students)
Paper submissions; documents that require a signature. Electronic submissions; validated online by your nominated line manager(s).
CPD Learning & Development Plan must be submitted. CPD Learning & Development Plan no longer required.
General reflections and future learning goals must be submitted.  Reflections and future learning activities are encouraged as part of achieving skills and behaviours.
Students create three significant evidenced activities, each detailing:
  • planning
  • execution
  • ethical considerations
  • learning outcomes.
Students demonstrate achievement of five skills and five behaviours.

  • single tasks or pieces of evidence can be used to validate 
  • multiple skills and behaviours.
  • no minimum number of activities are set.

How to use the CIPFA Portfolio