Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

CIPFA Futures

CIPFA Futures: a review of our professional accountancy qualification syllabus

The work of a Chartered Public Finance Accountant is both more complex and more critical to the public sector than at any point in our history.

Digital technologies, highly charged political contexts, regulatory reform, climate change, increased service demand and the dramatic arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic – these are all impacting how public financial management, reporting and audit are conducted now and in the future. 

At the heart of our mission to build trust by strengthening public financial management is CIPFA’s professional accountancy qualification. In the UK, the CIPFA Professional Qualification (CIPFA PQ) and outside of the UK, our International Public Financial Management qualification (IPFM). 

As we look to the future, we’re working hard to ensure that our professional accountancy qualification continues to support and enable the public finance professionals and public service organisations of tomorrow. 

As part of our syllabus review, a wide-ranging consultation is under way and we’re inviting feedback and views from our members, students, employers, customers and partners. 

If you have not yet had an opportunity share your views and would like to do so, please get in touch with us: