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In order to make robust and sustainable decisions, it is essential to know how your local authority’s frontline services are performing. CIPFAstats+ gives you access to comprehensive financial and non-financial data to not only help you understand your current position but how you arrived at that point and where you might go to next.

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Decisions based on evidence will always lead to better outcomes. This means that public finance leaders need to understand their 'here and now' before they can assess potential future options – not only to help ensure their financial resilience but also to protect service delivery.

For over 100 years CIPFA has worked with local authorities across the UK to build the most comprehensive, independent source of data about local government and other public sector services. CIPFAstats has been central to this work, helping councils explore and interrogate figures from their local area to help them make the best use of financial resources.

But the world has changed – and continues to do so at an ever-rapid pace. With this in mind CIPFA has begun an extensive transformation programme, including the introduction of a new cloud-based data management platform.

Our CIPFAstats product suite will be the first to move onto the new platform, creating a new service – CIPFAstats+. When launched early in 2021, it will offer a completely fresh, visually compelling and accessible way to interrogate your data.

Hear what our chief executive Rob Whiteman has to say about the new service.

Fresh insights on frontline services

By utilising the new platform, CIPFAstats+ will allow you to:

  • Make comparisons over time and space
  • Analyse data in multiple dimensions
  • Generate powerful visuals for presentations
  • 'Slice and dice' data for new actionable insights
  • Export key findings quickly and easily.

Current subscribers: see the new service in action

All current CIPFAstats subscribers are now invited to access the new platform and share their feedback.

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(You will need your CIPFA website login details – if you don't have any, register here.)

Arrange a demonstration

To arrange a demonstration and learn more about CIPFAstats+ please contact Nina Johansson, Senior Business Development Manager, CIPFA.


Tel: 020 7543 5600

Introductory videos

As part of the launch we hosted a series of live demonstrations - catch up on the recordings using the links below:

Introducing the Public Libraries dataset: watch the recording

Introducing the Police Objective Analysis (POA) dataset: watch the recording

Introducing the Finance and General dataset: watch the recording

How CIPFAstats+ supports your decision-making

As set out in the tables below, CIPFAstats+ will feature eleven core themes – two of which are brand new – numerous datasets and three complementary tools.

Each element is designed to help support your organisation’s financial resilience as well as the improvement of your public services – leading to better outcomes for your communities. It is an indispensable resource for decision-makers and analysts alike.

Themes and datasets

General Finance General Finance features an extensive array of datasets examining local authority expenditure, including a complete breakdown of the RA and RO datasets. It also includes information on capital expenditure, assets, grants, council tax and balances and reserves, as well as non-financial information relating to the number and size of public facilities.
Police The police datasets are designed to help drive better financial management and decision-making across a force. Through current comparative data and the provision of a broad range of analytical and diagnostic capacity, these datasets can help forces deliver and demonstrate value for money.
Culture, Leisure & Recreation Focusing on library services, archive services, leisure and other facilities, this theme presents comprehensive financial and non-financial datasets which enables insight on income and expenditure and helps with the budget and business planning and service reviews.
Environmental & Regulatory
These datasets provide detailed financial and non-financial information to help local authorities analyse and compare performance on environmental health, trading standards, council farms and waste services – helping to ensure environmental and regulatory responsibilities are managed efficiently and deliver value for money.
Fire and Rescue Service
The datasets included in this theme cover actual and budget expenditure as well as a breakdown of staffing & number of appliances for the fire and rescue services in England and Wales – invaluable for those wishing to examine service efficiency and effectiveness.
Housing, Assets & Estates Management
This theme's datasets together with Housing 360 enable councils to monitor the effectiveness of their Housing Revenue Account (HRA) – particularly relevant given the housing crisis, recent HRA reforms and tighter regulation of the housing sector.
Social Care
Rising demand for social care has placed profound strain on local authorities. Covering all aspects of adult and children's social care, the social care datasets can establish a baseline for service delivery, identify where efficiency gains can be achieved and plan future service provision.
Children's & Education
The datasets in this theme focus on schools and academies and help to evaluate their financial performance, as well as how efficient and effective they are in delivering their curriculum against government targets.
Highways & Transport
This theme's datasets provide a comprehensive overview of how a local authority manages their highway and transport services, expenditure and income and how effective it is compared to similar authorities.
New! Demographics & Economy
This new range of datasets provides a single point of access for comparing local authority demographics information to compliment benchmarking datasets, helping local leaders to formulate business plan strategies and cost benefit analyses.
New! Public Health (England)
These datasets will provide a comprehensive overview of health and social wellbeing. When placed alongside financial and performance information, the information will ensure socio-economic factors are considered in resilience testing.


Complementary tools

The CIPFAstats+ product suite includes three complementary tools. When used in conjunction with the information listed above, they can provide invaluable insight in terms of financial stress testing, resilience of key accounts and trends for business planning processes.

Housing 360 This tool includes the Housing Interactive Profile, Housing Future Resources Model and Housing Scorecard tools. It assesses a council's HRA risks and can trigger early warnings to signal that preventative measures need to be put in place.
Nearest Neighbours Model
This tool uses a range of demographic and socio-economic indicators to help councils identify the most appropriate authorities to benchmark themselves against, helping them to better assess financial risks.
VfM Toolkit
The VfM toolkit allows councils to track the costs and performance of their services and compare them to similar authorities. The results are presented in an easy-to-understand graphical format using quadrant analysis.

One subscription per organisation

With one subscription covering all staff, everyone in your organisation can benefit from CIPFAstats+. All they need to do is register on the CIPFA website and create their own login – they will then be able to access all the data, publications and interactive tools they need.

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