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CIPFAstats was established as a partnership between individual local authorities and CIPFA over a century ago to provide an essential and comprehensive framework for reviewing the efficiency of locally provided services, helping users to manage their resources more effectively.

What is CIPFAstats?

CIPFAstats is the leading independent source of comprehensive data about local government and its services, with information from over 100 years of CIPFA and local authority work. It provides an essential and comprehensive framework for reviewing the efficiency of locally provided services. 

CIPFAstats has developed to become the leading independent source of comprehensive benchmarking data about local government services. We undertake more than 24 annual surveys of local authority operations, capturing information on all of the main activities from education and social care through to housing services and waste management.

CIPFAstats data-sets and publications include financial, activity, staffing and performance information for local government, public sector and private organisation staff, engaged in comparative analysis, performance measurement and value for money studies of local authority data. We have developed instructional videos to help explain how to use CIPFAstats.

CIPFA Housing 360: New housing data tools

In 2018 the HRA borrowing cap was lifted giving local authorities the freedom to progress and finance new council house building developments. CIPFA responded by creating a new social housing sector performance indicator solution – The Housing Interactive Profile | Housing Future Resources Model | Housing Scorecard are three new tools forming part of CIPFA Housing 360 that have been specifically created for the social housing sector.

In developing these new housing data products, CIPFA are providing English local authorities with transparent and independent analytics tools that trigger early warnings to allow for preventative measures to be put in place. Visit CIPFA Housing 360 page.

Nearest Neighbour Model

Comparing your data with others can be extremely useful. Our Nearest Neighbours Model uses a range of demographic and socio-economic indicators to help you to identify the local authorities most similar to your own. This model is recognised as the main source for generating meaningful groups across the public sector.

Nearest Neighbour Model – recently revised, this model contains a number of new, innovative features including improved interactive graphical outputs and updated data sets. These changes will help you to interpret results, dig down into how the statistical distance between other authorities arises, and show you how the statistical relationship between you and your neighbours has changed since previous versions of the model.

Just one subscription per organisation

Our growing online database on the CIPFAstats website provides access to more than 40 years of data, as well as a range of interactive and visual tools to help analyse the information. You can also keep up to date with our popular monthly e-alerts.

With one subscription covering all staff, everybody in your organisation can benefit from CIPFAstats. All they need to do is register and create their own login and they will be able to access all the data, publications and interactive tools that they need.

How CIPFAstats can help you

Your organisation is making a number of difficult decisions about how to reduce costs while maintaining service levels. Affordable, reliable and robust statistical information is an essential resource to help you achieve this. We ensure that you have access to this information, and are able to use it to help make the correct decision and manage your resources more effectively.

Our data can help you identify new areas of improvement through:

  • comparative data analysis
  • performance measurement
  • establishing value for money
  • investigating cost effectiveness
  • performing trends analysis
  • providing audit and inspection data
  • management information
  • policy formulation and evaluation.

Download this case study to see how CIPFA's cost, performance and analytics tools have assisted the London Borough of Southwark with its improvement strategy and operational transformation projects, to help modernise services to better serve customers.

Southwark Case Study

How to subscribe

In these difficult financial times, instant access to the numbers that count is vital. Subscribe to CIPFAstats and every single member of your organisation can benefit. To find out more about how you can benefit, please call us on T: 020 7543 5600 or email E:

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