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Predictive analytics 

New for 2023 – our Predictive Analytics can help your organisation to predict your data. To book a demo or find out more about the new service and how it can support your organisation contact or call +44(0)207 543 5600. 

Lee Schofield, Senior Solutions Manager (Operations)

Lee SchofieldLee has worked in the financial services and public sector industries for the past 20 years. He has worked at some of the largest Banks in the world including the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and DTCC, and during his tenure he has managed multiple diverse teams all over the world including Manilla and the US. He firmly believes in evolving methods and techniques such that the products and services he oversees remain cutting-edge, relevant, and important to the market.


Ben Seears, Technical Data Manager

Ben SeearsBen is responsible for product design and developing reports across multiple service areas, including Police, Fire, Housing, Social Care Finance and General, our Nearest Neighbours Model, and our Value for Money Toolkit.

With ten years of experience in the CIPFA stats team, Ben has built up a wealth of experience working on a variety of different benchmarking projects. He has also been at the forefront in helping to deliver new and insightful projects, as well as developing innovative and clever ways of presenting analytical findings.


Andonia Hicks, Data Analyst

Photo of Andonia HicksAndonia joined the data team at CIPFA in March 2023. Andonia has completed a Master of engineering in electrical engineering from Nottingham University and 
has a proven track record of success in data visualization and system engineering. Andonia is skilled at helping organizations leverage their data to drive business success, through the design and implementation of dashboards, reports, and other data-driven tools. 


Magdalena Jędrzejewska, Data Analyst

Profile photo of Magdalena JędrzejewskaMagda is responsible for maintaining and improving the Revenue Collection, Finance and General, Local Authority Assets and Capital Expenditure datasets. She holds a bachelor's degree in pedagogy and history.




Rolake Odebunmi, Database Manager

Rolake OdebunmiRolake manages the full analytics database for CIPFAstats+. She has worked within public finance for the last five years, specialising in Scottish cultural and financial data, as well as attending to social care and pensions data for the UK. She aided in the development of key CIPFA data tools and publications such as the Value for Money Toolkit and the Fraud and Corruption Tracker.



Lekan Odutola, Data Analyst

Photo of Lekan OdutolaLekan currently looks after data for our Revenue Collection, Waste Collection, Library Services and VFM dashboards. He has progressive experience in analysing and interpreting data into critical insights and building dashboards to enable informed critical decisions. Equipped with educational background in economics and statistics including MBA from Edinburgh Napier Business School. He is detailed professional with solid data mining, cleansing and visualization expertise.


Sam Shelver, Senior Data Analyst

Sam ShelverSam joined the data team in August 2021 and has since taken responsibility for CIPFA's police and fire products. His contributions so far include providing five new dashboards to the Achieving Financial Excellence in Policing programme, and creating a market-leading Financial Resilience Index for police forces.

Sam has a deep understanding of data science, owing to his academic background in economics and professional experience as an analyst. He has been instrumental in developing our new predictive analytics offering, and is responsible for a number of bespoke data analysis projects.


Richard Van Ross, Senior Data Analyst and Product Developer

Richard Van RossRichard is responsible for our Council Tax, NPEG, Council Farms and Pensions datasets. He has spent the last three years collecting and analysing local government data to provide insight to councils and public bodies across the UK. He has been the principal analyst on projects involving central government departments such as DEFRA and DLUHC as well as on some of CIPFA's flagship data tools, including the Financial Resilience Index.



Roxana Virlan, Data Analyst

Photo of Roxana VirlanRoxana joined the data team at CIPFA in February 2023. Roxana has completed a Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics from Brunel University London and acquired the knowledge and hands-on experience in the latest developments on data science by working with structured and unstructured data and gaining data insights by using a variety of tools, statistical techniques, and machine learning algorithms.



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