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Government Property Profession

Welcome to the GPP CIPFA Portal. CIPFA Property understands that managing public sector property estates effectively delivers value for money, enhances public services and creates wider economic, environmental and social outcomes for local communities. This arrangement with Government Property Profession gives you access to the full range of Network events CIPFA Property organises both within the Asset Management Network and CPAS Network. Follow the links below for more details of what is on offer.

Visit the Asset Management Planning network

Visit the Construction and Property Advisory Service

Sherin Aminossehe CIPFA Property has a history of working closely with many leading agencies and partners on asset management within the public sector and we look forward to working with them developing and improving our work as government property professionals.

CIPFA Property is able to offer a range of learning & development events and this portal showcases the many opportunities available to the GPP. CIPFA is able to provide the GPP with discounted rates for their AMP and CPAS events. Just quote your GPP membership number when registering.

So please browse the site and, as ever, you can leave feedback via or the LinkedIn “Government Property Profession" group. We like to hear what you think so we can expand our offer to you.

Sherin Aminossehe
Head of the Government Property Profession

Rob WhitemanPublic services rely on high quality medium term planning, and there is no more important factor on this than property. The government property profession not only ensures that on day to day basis services and operations operate in fit for purpose environments, but crucially at a major role in developing and delivery medium term resource strategies.

Given the pace of consolidation and the Chancellor's drive for asset rationalisation that underpins efficiency and policy properties such as housing, there has never been a more effective tone for a well trained, supportive and effective property profession. CIPFA is pleased and proud to give all the help we can.

Rob Whiteman CPFA
Chief Executive, CIPFA