Strategic Assets Network (SAN)

The Strategic Assets Network (SAN) has been supporting property professionals in local government since 2000.

We believe time is right to make some changes to reflect and adapt to how local government and asset management has evolved. 

The SAN professional support network provides public sector property professionals with increased insight and guidance into the national, strategic initiatives and policies of the day and how assets and property can be managed for maximum effectiveness and value. 

Place public sector property management at the heart of your organisation's strategies and policies to ensure your public assets are leveraged to extract maximum value and use.

The network will help you towards realising your organisation’s strategic objectives. It will help align your property management and investment plans with national, regional and local initiatives or policies through information, guidance, insight and mutual support.

Our SAN series of events 

At the end of these events you will have a range of tools and techniques you need to help you:

  • devise your own clearly-defined process for property related projects which provides a focus on forward planning linked to corporate and service visions and priorities
  • speed up the time spent on the development of estimates and studies for unsupported projects
  • ensure greater awareness of overall land and building funding needs and how these link to individual service priorities in context with 'the bigger picture'
  • replace inter-service competitive bidding with a more collaborative approach and a shift to greater partnership working
  • more clearly define revenue implications which tie into the investment decision
  • have more effective, transparent and speedy decision making process.

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