Your pathway to becoming a CPFA

Rutgers Business School and CIPFA have partnered to give graduates of the Rutgers Master's in Governmental Accounting program the opportunity to qualify as a Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CPFA) by completing core elements of the CIPFA International Public Financial Management (IPFM) qualification.   

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Key dates for 2021/22

As part of the program, you will need to complete two modules from our International Public Financial Management (IPFM) qualification plus a strategic case study course and final exam. The course and exam are run twice a year and our upcoming dates are below. We recommend you enroll at least two months before the course start dates – this will give you enough time to complete your IPFM modules before beginning the case study course.

Case study course starts September 2021 – enroll before the end of June

  • Course ends in November 2021
  • Exam takes place in December 2021
  • Results are issued in January 2022

Case study course starts March 2022 – enroll before the end of December

  • Course ends in May 2022
  • Exam takes place in June 2022
  • Results are issued in July 2022 

Ready to get started?

If you are a graduate of the Rutgers Master’s in Governmental Accounting program, you are invited to enroll on the CIPFA program. Simply follow the steps below.

Bookmark this page so you can return to it at any time and if you have any questions, please contact the team:

Step 1: Register on the website

This will create a profile for you and generate the login details you will use to book onto the course and to access all of the learning materials. Note that the registration page refers to a CIPFA Contact Ref Number or PNID – please ignore this.

Register on the CIPFA website

Step 2: Book onto the IPFM course

When you have registered on the CIPFA website, return to this page and click on the green button below to book onto the International Public Financial Management (IPFM) course. You will be asked to enter the login details you created when you registered on the website.

As soon as you have enrolled and paid your course fee (see Price below), you will have access to all of the learning materials and can begin studying right away. We will email joining instructions to you with full details on how to access CIPFA Learning, our virtual learning environment.

Remember, as part of the program, you must complete the "Strategy and Policy Development" and the "Financial Management" modules. We strongly recommend that you also browse through the other modules – there may be subjects or areas you want to revise before beginning the strategic case study course and exam. The exam will assume you have this knowledge.

Book onto the IPFM course

What happens next?

The CIPFA program is delivered entirely online, which means you can work through the learning materials at your own pace, wherever and whenever is convenient to you.

When you have completed the "Strategy and Policy Development" and "Financial Management" modules, plus any additional modules you wish to revise, we will then assign you to the next available strategic case study course and final exam. 

Your CIPFA membership

As part of the program, we will register you as a CIPFA student member and will email you to confirm when this has been done. You can find full details of your member benefits here:

Your student membership is free of charge for the first year and currently costs £158 per annum (after the first year).


The full cost of the CIPFA program is £2,000, payable by credit card when you book onto the IPFM course (payment will be taken in GBP).

This fee includes access to all of the e-learning materials you’ll need, the final exam, student registration and your first year of CIPFA student membership.

When you successfully complete the program (and if you have the requisite three years of practical work experience in finance and/or accounting), you will be able to apply for full CIPFA membership – and obtain your CPFA designation – which currently costs £325 per annum.

If you need to re-sit the final exam, this will cost £200.

Please note: You have 14 days from the date of purchase to withdraw from the program and receive a full refund. By enrolling for this course you are confirming that you are eligible and have successfully completed the Rutgers Master’s in Governmental Accounting program. After 14 days you are committed to the program and if you do not complete the course for any reason, no refund will be available.

Withdrawal/ cancellation notice must be given in writing to: