Diversity, equality and inclusion

CIPFA prides itself on being a forward-looking, progressive voice for change. We strive to reflect the diverse society that our members and partners serve. We're a modern organisation committed to providing an inclusive work environment through continual reflection and growth.

Only by embracing diverse perspectives and developing the talent of individuals will we become a more equitable force for the public sector.

Our commitment

Diversity and inclusion underpin our values and help advance CIPFA's goals. Our work includes both standalone diversity and inclusion-focused activity, as well as wider changes to ensure an inclusive approach in all our endeavours. We seek to go further than the responsibilities required of us as an organisation under equality legislation.

We want talented people to get on and get ahead, regardless of background or demographic. The advantages of a more diverse workforce can only be realised with a commitment to ensuring all have equal opportunity to thrive professionally, whether within the institute or the public sector more broadly.

What is diversity?

Diversity includes all visible and invisible differences between people. This could include protected characteristics, socioeconomic background, working pattern, cognitive diversity, or having caring responsibilities. It's about acknowledging the benefit of having a range of perspectives in decision-making, and the workforce being representative of the organisation's stakeholders — diverse teams, boards and workforces produce better outcomes.

What is equality?

Equality means ensuring all individuals and groups are treated fairly, with equal access to opportunities. This involves taking into account the different experiences and needs of all, particularly the protected characteristics defined in the Equality Act 2010.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion means people's differences are not only valued, but utilised. Without practical inclusion, the theoretical benefits of diversity cannot be realised. An inclusive workplace has fair policies and practices in place, ensuring everyone feels at they belong without needing to conform, that their contributions matter, and they are able to perform to their full potential.