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Why join?

    Be recognised as a global leader - CIPFA is the only accountancy body in the world dedicated to public finance – with CIPFA exams taking place in over 100 countries. 
    Job satisfaction - 80% of our members choose to stay in public services after qualifying because they enjoy working in public services and making a difference to society
    Transferable business skills - being a strategic manager in public services gives you the opportunity to get involved in a range of projects that affect the business  
    Fantastic career progression – we have a higher percentage of members working in senior management roles than any other accountancy body in the UK
    Be part of a family – CIPFA members are supported at every step of their career - our members are at the heart of our organisation

Case studies

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson
Corporate Finance Manager
Corporate Finance Manager

“Yes, I would recommend the CIPFA qualification to other students as I believe it’s a valuable tool to build your skills and awareness of all aspects of the public sector, from local government to the NHS and central government.”

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Lisa Commane

Lisa Commane
Senior Director Business Improvement
The Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT)

 “My CIPFA qualification and finance background have provided a good grounding for my current role which is very broad.”

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Ruth Hodson

Ruth Hudson
Strategic Business Partner
Metropolitan Police Service

 “CIPFA members are really supportive.  I have over the time had lots of support from more senior staff who I am sure are very busy doing their day job but took the time to advise and that has been a real help.”

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