Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Public finances and public services have experienced periods of great disruption before. However, the current coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is eclipsing anything we might have seen in recent decades.

Governments, in the UK and around the world, have responded swiftly with economic interventions on a scale not experienced since the Second World War. There is a palpable sense of urgency in ensuring that the lives and livelihoods of citizens are protected.

But the speed with which governments have acted brings huge uncertainty about the consequences for public finance once the crisis has receded. We cannot say yet what the impacts of COVID-19 are likely to be for the guardians of public money and the providers of public services, but change could be profound.

CIPFA exists to promote excellence in public financial management, whether that be in the local town hall or global institutions. We stand ready to respond to this crisis and are working hard to support our members with the challenges they face and to represent their interests, and the interests of taxpayers, to the highest level of government.

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All tuition and events were moved online through CIPFA Learning, our virtual learning environment, and Zoom. Students and delegates were emailed links to attend live web sessions. Further information can be found on the pages for individual courses, classes and events.

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While we are no longer taking hard copy orders during the current pandemic, all of our current and much of our back catalogue is available online, in easy-to-read HTML and PDF formats. These online versions also include basic search and bookmarking features and are available for all in your department or organisation.

Key resources

A range of useful COVID-19 information and resources, both from CIPFA and across key public sector agencies.

Policy and insight

CIPFA’s team of policy and technical experts provide commentary and guidance on the latest issues affecting the public sector as a result of COVID-19.