Data consultancy

CIPFA has been collecting public sector data for over 100 years and CIPFAStats+ is the go to service for public sector data. In addition to the datasets we have to support organisations to understand their data, manage their budgets and make informed and data-driven decisions, we offer a bespoke data consultancy service. 

Predictive analytics 

New for 2023 – our Predictive Analytics can help your organisation to predict your data. To book a demo or find out more about the new service and how it can support your organisation contact or call +44(0)207 543 5600. 

As more public sector organisations rely on data to make decisions about their organisational performance and budget allocation to serve their communities better and increase their financial resilience, our bespoke data consultancy service can help inform the decisions you make. 

What is the data consultancy service?

This is a bespoke service designed to help organisations to look at specific data requirements to support your organisational needs. Whether you want to understand how many free school meals your area will need or if you want to assess the productivity of your back office functions, our data consultancy service will provide a review and make recommendations on your specific requirement.  It will also help public sector organisations to model different scenarios across its medium term financial plans which will be vital in an increasingly volatile financial environment.

What does the service entail?

As this is a bespoke service, it will depend on what your individual need is. Our consultancy team will carry out a review of the area you need help with which could be a half-day in person review or longer depending on your organisation’s needs. We will work with you to understand your requirement and our data consultancy team will review the area you are looking to improve and make recommendations based on their findings. 

How will my organisation benefit?

You will be provided with detailed feedback and recommendations on the area you ask us to review. This will help you to make an informed decision to make improvements to the service you provide or area you are looking to improve. 

More information

For more information on how our data consultancy team can support your organisation, please contact