Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new syllabus come into effect?

The updated syllabus will begin being delivered from March 2022. All new students without exemptions will be automatically enrolled on the new syllabus. New students who are exempt from the Management Accounting (MA) and Financial Accounting (FA) modules will join the pre-2022 PQ programme.

Will pre-2022 PQ or IPFM students be moved onto the new syllabus?

No. To ensure your studies are not disrupted, you will continue on your existing syllabus until completion. In some cases, you may be transferred onto the new syllabus if, for example, you are unsuccessful in a final module exam, or you return to study after a break or time off-programme.

What happens if I miss the last intake for a PQ or IPFM module, or am unsuccessful in a last exam?

We will work with you to ensure you're able to complete your studies by transferring to the new syllabus. The PQ or IPFM modules you have completed will be taken into account.

Where can PQ and IPFM students find the dates for their final modules and exams?

All final dates have been published on the pre-2022 PQ and IPFM pages.

The updated syllabus contains new content. Will PQ and IPFM students be expected to complete additional modules?

You will not need to complete any additional modules as part of your qualification. Instead, we will be making the new content (particularly that covering sustainability, ethics and data) available as CPD training. The training will be optional and can be taken when convenient.