Upcoming training and events

Information on AFEP III training and development opportunities for both the finance and non-finance community

AFEP III will provide the following training and development opportunities for both the finance and non-finance community. We will continue the CPD ‘pick and mix’ style of 35 event places per year, per member organisation (force and PCC), which can be used flexibly across a wide selection of training and CIPFA network events. 

For any booking enquiries or assistance, please contact your AFEP events organiser louise.southall@cipfa.org.


AFEP members will have access to the following CIPFA e-learning courses, which will be available to book using one pre-pay credit per course. This will be available to members for the duration of the two-year programme.

Please note once you have booked your place on to our e-learning courses you will have 3 months to complete it.

You can also access CIPFA’s micro modules. These modules have been prepared by CIPFA’s subject matter experts and deliver key information in an easily digestible online format, plus tips on where to access further information and learning.

AFEP instructor-led training

All instructor-led training courses have been tailored for police and will be delivered exclusively for the police sector using your AFEP pre-pay credits.

AFEP Bitesize Business Cases Training

These two hour bitesize webinars covers HM Treasury’s well-established approach that provides a decision-making framework which stakeholders work through in a structured, staged manner.

AFEP understanding how to use the AFEP dashboards

These events will cover the material that’s present in the CIPFAstats dashboards, with a particular focus on the police financial resilience index and police productivity tool. In the session we will cover how to use these dashboards from a technical point of view, and how to get the most value out of them.

CIPFA networks

Police and Fire Network Events

AFEP members also have access to the following networks and can use their pre-pay credits to book onto a selection of the courses. Each network is led by an experienced technical expert or experts and offers exclusive events and online resources.

CIPFA Leadership Development Programme

AFEP members receive one free place to attend the CIPFA Leadership Development Programme. This course is aimed at those who have been identified, formally or informally, as being future leaders and managers within their organisations. Please contact fiona.lowndes@cipfa.org if you would like to book your place.