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The AFEP Programme have produced the following outputs led by the AFEP working groups, that provide detailed commentary and analysis on current issues and developments affecting police sector finance.

audience members sitting at tables listening to a presentationAFEP III CIPFA/Norse Group sustainability roundtable

A write up of the AFEP III CIPFA/Norse Group sustainability roundtable, covering subjects such as fleet decarbonisation, supply chain sustainability, project delivery and the importance of good data.



CIPFA Thinks afep consultancy learnAchieving Finance Excellence in Policing (AFEP) II: Learning from consultancy projects 
This report by CIPFA details the areas of consultancy support undertaken with forces as part of the AFEP II programme.





Police mtfp toolkit reportFinancial resilience self-assessment and medium term financial planning toolkit
This report has been created as part of the Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing (AFEP) programme with the Police Financial Management Working Group.





Part of a graph shown on a laptopPolice Financial Resilience Index
The Police Financial Resilience Index (FRI)  is a brand-new tool developed by CIPFA. It draws on 28 different metrics related to a force’s financial position to give a comprehensive overview of financial resilience. 



Photo of the back of a policeman in uniform

Police Data dashboards 
The AFEP dashboards provide dedicated police sector stats and benchmarking analysis, driving better financial management and decision making across forces. It will help improve current comparative data and develop broader analytical and diagnostic capacity to help the forces deliver and demonstrate value for money.



The Role of CFOs in PolicingThe Role of Chief Financial Officers in Policing
This report gives an overview of the roles of the PCC's CFO and the chief constable's CFO within policing, with particular focus on how the two CFOs can work together to achieve the best outcomes.




Effective Governance of Collaboration in PolicingEffective Governance Of Collaboration In Policing

This publication is a guide to good governance in police collaboration arrangements.