Effective Governance Of Collaboration In Policing

Effective Governance of Collaboration in Policing


This publication is a guide to good governance in police collaboration arrangements.







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As the challenges facing police forces and policing bodies become ever more complex, the need for collaboration in the provision of operational and support services alike will continue to grow. It will also intensify the need for such collaborative arrangements to be governed and managed efficiently and effectively so that they work to the benefit of all partners and the wider public.

Good governance is especially important for activities that bring together a number of organisations that may have different priorities, motivations and ways of working. It establishes a framework within which such collaborative arrangements can operate and sets the rules by which the partners agree to abide.

This guide provides an introduction to good governance in police collaboration arrangements. It is written for chief financial officers and their colleagues in police forces and policing bodies across the United Kingdom, as well as for others with an interest in the governance of such arrangements.

It includes:

  • an overview of the nature of collaboration across police forces and policing bodies
  • the importance of being clear about purpose when establishing collaborations
  • things to consider to get the right arrangements in place within collaborations
  • the value of measuring and monitoring performance in achieving the collaboration's purpose
  • ideas for thinking about the future for more and better collaboration.

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