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Highways Asset Management Planning (HAMP) Network

The Highways Asset Management Planning (HAMP) Network provides practical advice and support to local authorities seeking information on asset management and planning for highways and transportation.

The extent to which highways’ authorities have adopted good asset management principles has a direct financial impact. Outside London this will be through the incentive element of the Department for Transport (DfT) highway maintenance funding process and the associated self-assessment.

Although they are outside the DfT incentive self-assessment process, London boroughs are already being asked to submit an asset management status report (AMSR) alongside their local implementation plan (LIP) submission with the potential for these to impact on funding in the future. Everyone is on a similar journey of trying to make progress with highway asset management and seeking to secure the maximum funding available.

Alongside the funding challenges, highways asset managers need to manage the Highways Network Asset being part of local authority balance sheets in accordance with the CIPFA Code of Practice on the Highways Network Asset.

What does membership provide?

  • Up to four pre-paid delegate place(s) to each of the three series of HAMP events per subscription year (1 October to 30 September) usually held during January, May and September, the number of places depending on the level you choose.
  • A choice of five regional locations throughout England: London, Wigan, Darlington, Nottingham and Bristol (south).
  • Opportunities to communicate and network with peers and colleagues at the HAMP events.
  • Access to expert advice and guidance from our team of advisors, be it a question about the latest best practice, a technical query or a question about who around the UK is doing what – we can carry out national surveys to provide first-hand evidence.
  • Ability to make ‘calls for help’, raise issues and share experiences and approaches with peers from other HAMP member organisations and through our dedicated online discussion forum.
  • Access to your online member resources at www.cipfa.org which includes presentations from events, summary webinars, survey results and analyses, specialist reports and libraries of highway asset management plans and other documentation.


  • Our events focus on the weaker areas identified through self-assessment and support highway authorities through a process to self-improvement.
  • Implementation of the CIPFA Code of Practice on the Highways Network Asset in order to:

    • deal with the fallout of bringing highway infrastructure assets onto local authority balance sheets
    • adapt to the new internal and external audit and scrutiny of highway valuations, processes and data management
    • continue to comply with the framework for the valuation of the highway network for Whole of Government Accounts (WGA).
  • Developing a resilient network as recommended by the government's Transport Resilience Review.
  • Transition to the new risk-based codes of practice with practical help in adapting to the new approach.
  • Updated GRC rates coming out of the HAMFIG rates review.
  • The ever important role of life-cycle planning in making less money go further, as highways authorities look to future-proof themselves against substantial increases in cost inflation, reducing budgets and projected growth in road transport.
  • The emerging outcomes from HMEP and practical ways of delivering efficiencies in the maintenance of the highway network, including potholes management.
  • Applying the principles of the updated Asset Management Guidance and Maturity Toolkit.
  • Coping with an environment of financial cuts and competing internal demands for revenue budgets, through innovation and different ways of working.
  • Increasing public scrutiny of spending decisions and their impact on the condition of the road network.
  • Ability to measure and report in a consistent manner on the current condition of the network, and the application of deterioration modelling to develop projected condition levels

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HAMP Network Presentations

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