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Regeneration and the role of Local Authorities

Interview with CIPFA Chief Executive Rob Whiteman on the subject of regeneration and the role of local authorities. Audio only.

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Finance Business Partnering

Aimed at managers developing a business partnering approach and people in finance business partnering (FBP) roles, this webinar covers the systems, policy and technology that have to be in place for business partnering to work.

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Developing a Commercial Strategy

This webinar is relevant if you wish to develop a considered and informed approach to commercialisation within you organisation.

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How Finance Teams Can Help Drive Integration

This webinar is relevant for anyone involved in taking forward joint working between councils, health and social care organisations. It takes you through some of the latest developments on health and social care integration and includes the experience of Plymouth City Council and NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group.

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A Commercial Financial Mindset

This webinar is aimed squarely at CFOs and finance staff who are working to develop a more commercial finance function. It covers creating a team that is capable of moving quickly to exploit commercial opportunities within your legal, financial, political and managerial limits.

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Introduction to International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

This webinar provides an overview of these very important standards and the opportunities to study for a Certificate level or Diploma level qualification. These qualifications will help you to implement robust financial management practices in your organisation.

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Accounts Closedown, Telling the Story of Local Authority Financial Statements.

This webinar provides a key practitioner’s insight into the changes in the 2016/17 Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom for the 'Telling the Story' review.

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Assured Managed Services and Accounts Closedown

This webinar demonstrates CIPFA’s wide range of support available to help you manage an effective accounts closedown process, in order to meet shorter deadlines, improve efficiency and free up staff time. The webinar will also include an overview demonstration on the new CIPFA Closedown software management tool.

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Outcomes Measurement

This webinar will provide you with the skills to understand outcomes measurement within the public sector, providing a clear view of the shift to outcome management, and how to use these ideas in a range of areas, including: budgeting; commissioning; strategic planning and measurement, together with business and operational modelling.

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Public Sector Financial Resilience

This webinar facilitated by Civil Service World, featuring Richard Vize, Sean Nolan and Margaret Lee explains what public sector organisations can do to become more financially resilient. Following the Autumn Statement, find out how your organisation can reasonably expect to improve service delivery while reducing your budget.

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Finance Business Partnering

This webinar features Brendan McCarron and Paul Clarke discussing and presenting how the role of the finance professional is changing and adopting broader responsibilities. The Finance Business Partner is a critical role enabling organisational transformation to meet upcoming challenges.

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New skills for the modern auditor

This webinar focuses on the softer, human skills required of everyone working in a auditing role and identifies tips for success.

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Trading and Commercialisation in Local Authorities

This webinar is designed to help organisations operate and perform with a commercial focus to keep up with increasing budget and service delivery pressures.

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Risk Management

This webinar is intended to provoke discussion around risk management, helping you to see it as a practical governance tool rather than simply a compliance requirement.

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Shared Services 

Preparing yourself for shared services, devolution and collaborative working. This webinar is aimed at leaders and managers involved in developing combined authorities, city regions, localism, blue-light transformation, health service collaborations, as well as shared services.

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Download shared services guide explaining the sum 1+1=3 [PDF 69 KB]

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Leadership and Influence

This webinar covers the factors that help leaders in any sector develop a powerful platform for influencing their seniors, peers and their own people. It illustrates practical ways in which small changes in behaviours can enhance personal influence.

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Presenting Numbers Effectively

This webinar will take you through some of the key considerations for making your data engaging, such as considering the audience, identifying your key messages and selecting appropriate formats. It includes easy ways to improve the appearance and impact of your financial data, giving top tips for formatting and laying out tables and graphs.

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Creating an Anti-fraud Culture

This webinar provides case study examples of fraud and their impact on organisations as well as remedies. The presentation also provides useful tips on how to create a culture that prevents fraud from occurring and the attendant benefits.

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The Implications of Fair Value Measurement

This webinar provides a concise and practical overview of the Fair Value Framework applied in the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 13.

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Accounting for Grants

This webinar will provide you with an overview of the accounting arrangements for UK grants and contributions.

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Change Management

This webinar addresses how to focus on leadership and influencing and how you can measure that improvement.

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Making Sense of Governance

This webinar addresses the importance of governance, including tips and advice on its implementation.

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Delivering Differently

This webinar addresses how to assess current service delivery arrangements and how to deliver more efficiently and effectively through an alternative means.

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Top Tips for Business Cases

This webinar provides top tips for making sure your business case is as robust as can be.

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