Performance Tracker 2020: How public services have coped with coronavirus


COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the landscape for public services. In a short space of time, the government has made £68.7bn of fiscal support available to help public services cope with the disruptions caused by coronavirus.

Performance Tracker is an ongoing analysis of the performance of public services. As a result of the unprecedented events of recent months, this year’s edition (the fifth) assesses how well five critical services – hospitals, general practice, adult social care, schools and criminal courts – have coped.






CIPFA/Institute for Government


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The report analyses the changes introduced to manage disruption, evaluates the success of each of these changes and makes recommendations about whether they should be kept or extended beyond the pandemic.

This analysis – produced in partnership by the Institute for Government and CIPFA, the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy – reveals the key public service challenges ahead of the 2020 Spending Review. 

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