Strategic Assets Network (SAN)

On 1 September the Strategic Assets Network (SAN) replaced the Asset Management Planning Network (AMP) which has been supporting property professionals in local government since 2000.

We believe time is right to make some changes to reflect and adapt to how local government and asset management has evolved. 

The new SAN professional support network will provide public sector property professionals with increased insight and guidance into the national, strategic initiatives and policies of the day and how assets and property can be managed for maximum effectiveness and value. 

Place public sector property at the heart of your organisation's strategies and policies ensure your public assets are leveraged to extract maximum value and use – and not neglected within your organisation.

The network will help you towards realising your organisation’s strategic objectives. It will help align your property plans with national, regional and local initiatives or policies through information, guidance, insight and mutual support. 

Find out about the new features, benefits and subscription details of the SAN here on the service plan or on the subscription page.