CIPFA Scotland Annual Public Finance Conference

The key public finance event in Scotland in 2017 - essential for all professionals working in the public sector.

CIPFA Scotland Annual Public Finance Conference

30-31 March 2017, St Andrews

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Some 18 years after devolution, the Scotland of the future continues to evolve. That future is increasingly digital. This will disrupt, reshape and ultimately reform our public services. To what extent rests upon the public money available and the ingenuity of Scotland’s leading people. 

Explore with politicians and decision makers at the largest public sector conference in Scotland our public finances through the lens of an increasingly digital future. With the digital future the backdrop, the conference will of course reference a post-Brexit world - where the consequences of the historic referendum vote continue to develop. Meanwhile, Scotland continues with the implementation of new powers and with the availability of public funding which continues to be restricted.

This all means Scotland’s future is being shaped increasingly through new ideas and a new digital agenda - and also through linking citizens to public services in a different way. The conference will therefore ensure that the importance of people, whether staff or citizens in receipt of public services, remain in the forefront of our minds. The combination of Scotland’s people and exciting new technology can together allow us to progress towards excellent public services.

Who should attend? 

Whether a senior politician, public service manager, finance expert or student, the CIPFA Scotland Annual Public Finance Conference for 2017 has been designed to enable you to glimpse into our future public services.

Why attend?

  • Hear from leading thinkers, politicians, practitioners and innovators.
  • Examine the link between the digital revolution, public money and our public services. 
  • Understand and be part of the political and technological direction our services are taking. 
  • Create your own personal conference journey to meet your professional requirements.
  • Choose from a wide choice for delegates based on five separate streams – people, going digital, public services, young professionals and finance. 

Programme highlights

Our initial programme is now live with speakers and sessions - visit again for programme updates and speaker sessions and more.

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