Integrated Reporting: Public Sector Pioneer Network

Public sector organisations are being increasingly challenged with maintaining or improving outcomes within the same or reduced resources. Communicating how, and how well prepared they are, to achieve this will be critical to public accountability. The Public Sector Pioneer Network has been established for organizations in the public sector to explore why and how the public sector should be adopting <IR>.

Participants in the network will share views and experiences on how integrated reporting principles can be adapted to be fit for purpose for the public sector, with the end goal of improving transparency and building trust. The network is an opportunity for public sector organizations to use <IR> to understand and clarify the connectivity of the information they already publish. It will focus on how they can apply the International Framework for integrated reporting to present a more complete and coherent picture.

Organisations already signed up include the World Bank Group, UNDP, the Welsh Government and UK government departments.

Focusing on value creation in the public sector - a new report

Focusing on Value Creation in the Public Sector is an introductory guide for leaders on integrated thinking and reporting-a model that is improving understanding of the services the public sector delivers and the value they create.

Why Integrated Reporting? 

Integrated Reporting promotes a more cohesive and efficient approach to organizational reporting that draws on different reporting strands and communicates the full range of factors that materially affect the ability of an organization to create value over time. The International Framework is principles based, allowing organizations to innovate and develop their reporting in the context of their own strategy, key drivers, goals and objectives.  The framework can also be used to support integrated thinking to improve the performance of government agencies and entities like cities, local government, health, educational institutions, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in a similar way to the private sector.

Benefits of joining the Public Sector Pioneer Network

  • Visibility as a global leader in the reporting field. 
  • Exchange of information on good practice relevant to the sector. 
  • Feedback in relation to adapting for the public sector. 
  • Internal benefits from integrated thinking. 
  • The opportunity to help shape a public sector perspective. 
  • Input to the future development of the International Framework. 

Participants will share ideas and learning and will receive a range of support

This support includes:

  • network meetings and seminars
  • access to webinars
  • expert insights from the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and its networks 
  • shared learning on interpreting the Framework in the context of public service delivery 
  • benefit from the work done, and resources already in place through the original IIRC Pilot Programme.

Is this network relevant for your organization? 

It is, if you want to:

  • create improved effectiveness and efficiency through a more rounded understanding of your organization’s activities and its impact 
  • enhance your strategic planning and consider the long-term orientation of your organization 
  • demonstrate accountability and improve transparency to build trust 
  • understand likely future risks and drivers in order to be equipped to respond to, and manage change 
  • consider the interconnectedness of complex multi-service delivery, clarify goals and identify preferred outcomes within the wider context of promoting public well-being.

There is no fixed obligation or deadline to prepare an integrated report. 

How can you contribute to the network? 

  • By participating actively in the network. 
  • By raising an awareness in your organisation
  • By working towards adopting integrated thinking and reporting in your organization. 
  • By providing feedback to fellow participants and the secretariat. 

The Public Sector Pioneer Network is overseen by a steering group consisting of a mixture of participants and external organisations, with a secretariat provided by CIPFA and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

The Network serves as an opportunity to help shape a public sector perspective on <IR> from this group of ‘first movers’. Please contact E: for more information or if your organisation is interested in participating in this network.