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Adrian Jenkins, Pixel Financial Management | LinkedIn Profile

Adrian Jenkins, Pixel Financial Management

Adrian has a background in local government and has considerable experience of financial planning, financial strategy and forecasting. He has been involved in grant settlements both as a practitioner within local authorities, and as an external advisor. He has also advised numerous representative groups (LGA, Sparse, Central London Boroughs, HEA SIG) and lobbying campaigns. Within Pixel, Adrian’s focus is to work with local authorities to help them forecast grant funding and to understand grant settlements. He understands the pressures local authorities are under in the run-up to budget setting, and the information and analysis they need.

Neil Benn, Pixel Financial Services

Neil Benn, Pixel Financial Services

Neil has considerable experience of the grant settlement from central and local government’s point of view: he worked in the Civil Service for 13 years, including three years in the (now) DCLG Settlement team where he had particular responsibility for advising ministers on education, EPCS and transfers of functions. Neil can bring the insider’s knowledge to make the settlement understandable and accessible. He knows which arguments might be successful with ministers and officials. Within Pixel, Neil leads on the development and updating of the grant forecasting model.

Cliff Dalton, Head of Local Government, CIPFA | LinkedIn Profile

Cliff Dalton, Head of Local Government, CIPFA

Cliff is a qualified CIPFA accountant and shared service practitioner. He is CIPFA's head of local government, representing the Institute and shaping policy voice, position statements and speaking at events on local government and transformation issues. Cliff has also worked for 20 years in local government.