CIPFA VfM indicators 2017

Commencement and term

The CIPFA VfM Indicators Benchmarking service will operate for the period July to December each year.

Fees and membership

All fees and charges become due on completion of the membership form.

Membership may be available at CIPFA's discretion for organisations wanting to join after the deadline for the return of data, and this may be subject to a price surcharge of up to 100% of the standard charge for the stream(s) in question.


Should you wish to cancel membership, CIPFA must receive notice of your cancellation by email before the stream questionnaire(s) are despatched by CIPFA. Once the questionnaire(s) have been issued, all fees are still due and are not returnable. All cancellations should be addressed to

Membership fees

All fees and charges as stated are exclusive of VAT. VAT at standard rate will be added to the stated fee when the invoice is raised. If you wish to use the survey tool to survey more than 500 contacts, please contact us in advance; since processing of up to 500 responses is included within the standard survey price, responses in excess of 500 will be subject to additional processing charges.

The service

There are seven streams and a survey tool available in the VfM Indicators Benchmarking Service.

The product

Each of the VfM Indicator streams subscribed to includes:

  • a benchmarking questionnaire – to be issued to pre-registered members in August 2017 and thereafter within five working days of joining the club
  • a final report comparing performance with all members by similar organisation type
  • a final report comparing performance with all members
  • a responsive helpline and contact service
  • a weblink for the survey tool (where purchased).

Return of data and issuing of reports

Reports will be first available from 22 September 2017 for those members who have returned fully completed questionnaires (including User and Commissioner Satisfaction data) to CIPFA on or after 8 September 2017. Thereafter reports will be issued to members within 15 working days of receipt of full data (as described above) as long as valid data is received by 31 December 2017.

Data received after 31 December 2017 deadline for the return of stream data will be processed at CIPFA’s discretion and may be subject to a surcharge of up to 100% of the standard price for the stream(s) concerned.

No outputs will be available if you do not contribute valid data. 

Lead contact 

Members must nominate a lead contact for each VfM Indicator stream joined, who must be an employee of the organisation being benchmarked. Reports and other material produced for each VfM Indicator stream will only be sent to the lead contact for that stream.

Where the function being benchmarked is outsourced, or is part of a partnership arrangement, then the lead contact must be an employee of the organisation being benchmarked.

Under no circumstances should data that names, or can be used to identify, other members be made available to employees of the contractor or partnership.

Data confidentiality

By joining VfM Indicators Benchmarking, members will be deemed to have authorised CIPFA to make their data available to other members on an anonymised basis.

Under no circumstances should data be passed on to third parties.

CIPFA reserves the right to use data from this exercise to inform other work, and data may be made available to third parties on an anonymised basis. However, an individual organisation's data will not be publicly identified without prior permission.