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CIPFA Republic of Ireland provides professional assistance to our members and promotes the objectives of CIPFA in Ireland.


CIPFA Republic of Ireland is the focal point for improving public finance, governance and performance in central government, local government or arm’s length bodies. We are here to help whether you want to become a qualified accountant, need help with a major governance issue, or need to improve your skills in governance, finance and related topics.

What's going on?

CIPFA Ireland was launched on 02 December 2014 at City Hall in Dublin

The launch event enabled delegates to:

  • network with senior professionals working in the public sector in Ireland.
  • comment on relevant current issues in governance, financial management, public sector financial reporting and development of the public finance profession.
  • learn more about CIPFA’s qualifications, CPD offerings and other services in Ireland.

Have you heard about our governance review?

We sent an email asking for members to contribute to our consultation on the proposals to update our governance structure.

If you didn’t get our email check your preference settings under ‘My membership address’ on My CIPFA, and if you don’t have an email address please update it.

New international governance framework

CIPFA and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) have together developed the International Framework: Good Governance in the Public Sector (July 2014).

The framework aims to encourage better service delivery and improved accountability by establishing a benchmark for aspects of good governance in the public sector.


Who's in your region

Brian Donnellan

Brian Donnellan

Biran Donnellan is the Head of CIPFA Ireland.

Jim Kelly, Dublin City Council (DCC) Senior Executive, CPFA, is the Chairman of CIPFA Republic of Ireland Branch.

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