Chair of CIPFA Housing Panel Ken Lee on the government’s proposed plans on the provision of supported housing


Ken Lee, Chair of the CIPFA Housing Panel, said: “The government’s proposals are a welcome step in the right direction to addressing the concerns of the sector on the matter of supported housing. 

"It is also welcome to note the importance being placed on collaborative working and the understanding of aligned budgets in the needs assessment, which is something CIPFA, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, has long supported. 
"It is vital that between now and 2020 a sustainable funding mechanism is put in place that encourages the provision of supported housing, be it sheltered, short-term or long-term support. This will mean ensuring that government support via the welfare system remains adequate and it, and the ring fenced grant for short term housing support, is protected in the future. 
“The consultation that the government proposes will be an important opportunity to clarify the details of the support, particularly that the funding for the grant truly reflects future costs and that the sector is not financially disadvantaged during the transitional period."



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