Julia Goldsworthy on Michael Gove’s 'Work with everyone' Brexit statement


Julia Goldsworthy, Chair of CIPFA’s Brexit Advisory Commission for Public Services, commented on Michael Gove’s statement on working with everyone during Brexit negotiations:

“It is welcome news that the new Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has claimed that the government will ‘work with everyone’ to achieve an effective Brexit deal. However, it is critical that ‘everyone’ should include public services for the sake of the people who rely on them.

“The Brexit Advisory Commission for Public Services stands ready to support the government in understanding the risks and opportunities of Brexit for the sector during the negotiation process.”




More information on the Brexit Commission:

The Brexit Commission is comprised of public sector leaders, experts and economists.

Former MP and Treasury Special Advisor in the Coalition, Julia Goldsworthy, who is now leading PwC’s market engagement with the devolution agenda, chairs the Commission.


Members include:

Vicky Pryce, Economist, CEBR

Paul Johnson, Director, IFS

Niall Dickson, CEO, NHS Confederation

Andrew Carter, Deputy Director, Centre for Cities

Anna Randle, Head of Public Services, Collaborate CIC

Cllr Claire Kober, Chair, London Councils

Professor David Bell, Professor of Economics, University of Stirling

Gill Payne, Director of Policy and External Affairs, The National Housing Federation

Julian McCrae, Deputy Director, IFG

Kate Kennally, CEO, Cornwall Council

Warwick Lightfoot, Director of Research, Policy Exchange


More information on the Brexit Commission is available on CIPFA’s website: http://www.cipfa.org/about-cipfa/press-office/latest-press-releases/cipfa-to-launch-independent-brexit-advisory-commission-to-safeguard-and-boost-the-sustainability-of-public-services

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