CIPFA and ICAEW discuss potential for closer working


Professional chartered accountancy bodies CIPFA and ICAEW have announced that they are in talks to explore the potential of closer working.

The vision driving the discussions would see CIPFA and ICAEW combining their strengths and resources to better equip them to serve the public interest across all areas of economic activity, including the enterprise, public and third sectors.

In a joint statement, CIPFA Chief Executive Rob Whiteman and ICAEW Chief Executive Michael Izza said: "We believe there is significant strategic benefit in our two bodies working more closely in the future and our discussions will examine ways of achieving that."

CIPFA and ICAEW will now conduct further discussions with the aim of bringing forward proposals in 2022.

Any outcome to these discussions will be subject to approval within the Institutes, as appropriate and necessary under their respective governance requirements, and by key external stakeholders including the UK government, the privy council, and other regulators.

Notes to editors

For more information please contact the CIPFA press office on +44 20 7543 5885 or email, or the ICAEW media office on 07918 767 822 or email


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