CIPFA responds to the Economic Affairs Committee Report on social care funding


Dr Eleanor Roy, CIPFA Policy Manager, Health & Social Care, said:

"Today's report from the Lord's Economic Affairs Committee paints a clear picture of the social care crisis in England. We welcome the call for an immediate funding package to put the system back on a stable footing and for a white paper to expedite much needed reform. 

"However, the proposal to implement free personal care, similar to that in Scotland, may only partially alleviate demand in the long term and does little to address the unfairness in the current system. 

"A focus on long-term spending and preventative action in the context of the whole health and care system is required to maximise sustainability and value for money. As highlighted in CIPFA’s report, we need to be ‘talking about tomorrow’, shaping services and how they are funded to ensure they remain sustainable into the future."


CIPFA’s new report, Talking about tomorrow: shaping local services, invites local government to come together to address the challenges of effective service delivery, explore what can be done to restore trust in local systems and ask how techniques to manage resources can really add value.



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