CIPFA response to the HSC Committee's report Social Care: Funding and Workforce


In response to the HSC Committee's report Social Care: Funding and Workforce, CIPFA Health and Social Care Policy Manager Dr Eleanor Roy, said:

“This report from the HSC Committee is extremely welcome. The sector is in dire need of immediate action by the government to address funding shortfalls exacerbated by the pandemic. Without reform and adequate levels of financial support, the adult social care system is approaching collapse.

“We urge the government to take heed of the Committee’s call for an immediate injection of funding and urge this to be provided in the November spending round. The Committee rightfully notes that long term root and branch funding reform is also essential, and despite the many challenges involved, this should be conducted urgently. Failure to address these issues could result in the breakdown of the social care system, which would not only hurt the people it’s intended to support, but further harm the NHS and other public services.

“The government must accept that regardless of the funding model they choose to adopt, significant levels of investment are required at a time when the public finances are tightening. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but the cost of not doing so is far too high."

Notes to Editor

The challenges of reforming adult social care are explored in CIPFA’s publication The Road to Reform: COVID-19 as a catalyst for change in funding social care.

See the full HSC Committee report here.

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