CIPFA response to NHS accounts timetable and year-end arrangements


Dr Eleanor Roy, CIPFA Health and Social Care Policy Manager, said: 

"The decision to delay the deadline for audited accounts in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, together with the temporary finance regime announced last week is extremely welcome. 

"The revised year-end arrangements and the decision to delay IFRS 16 implementation until 2021/22 will give NHS finance teams the flexibility they need to focus on supporting the frontline response to the current crisis.

"This will allow them to ensure that access to money is not obstructing or delaying the response to the outbreak, maintaining essential functions to support the front line, such as payroll and procurement.

"CIPFA extends its sincerest thanks to the thousands of staff behind the scenes in the health sector, supporting the frontline and keeping the wheels turning in this time of crisis."


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